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In everyday life did not escape from the name of the move, whether it's work, trade, school or other activities. And most likely in activities that sometimes makes stamina so declined, feeling weak, tired, lethargic, and so on. Do not let ourselves get too focused on a job or excessive activity that will have an impact on our own health. So though stamina is not dropped dramatically, you need the extra energy to strengthen stamina when doing an activity and light weight. You do not need a loss for supplements to maintain your stamina, enough to consume beverages that energized. But you must be observant and careful when drinking energized, not necessarily all energized drink is good for health.
The most suitable energy drink Red Bull yes only. Red Bull energy drinks kind of safe for our bodies and energized drink Red Bull energy drinks that this is not harmful if consumed in various circles of society, because Red Bull energy drinks list which are not dangerous in Indonesia. And benefits of energy drinks Red Bull Energy Drink is a stamina enhancer, which supplement existing content in it can restore depleted energy during exercise. Kratingdaeng Indonesian energy drink that is not foreign to our ears, among the people of the type of natural sugar energy beverages this has become a staple. Easily and widely available in stores small and stalls, making it easier for us to buy it.
Red Bull is an energy drink containing caffeine equal to 1 cup of coffee. As well as natural sugar energy drinks are served in the form of a small bottle that is easy to carry anywhere and can be taken anytime. In addition it is the Red Bull energy drink for sports, for those who like to exercise that of course very draining is the recommended drink energized, the Red Bull sports drink handy to recharge the depleted during exercise, and make our body become refreshed. There was no denying the best energy drinks is much preferred because of the simple packing especially good taste without artificial sweeteners. Besides Red Bull also increases the metabolism in the body that are often lethargic and sluggish and does not cause drowsiness. So if we work or sport however, whether heavy or light that will make us tired Kratingdaeng is right for our bodies. Red Bull energy drinks types that are safe for our body is also good for health.
Are energy drinks harmful?
Lots of Red Bull energy drinks but safe and not harmful to health. Because Red Bull uses natural sugar which contain less caffeine than 1 cup of coffee. Red Bull energy drink enhancer supplements the body's well-known that has met the standard BPOM RI. So Red Bull won the highest and most prestigious award in the category of energy drinks.
Energy drinks with an award for 15 consecutive years
Energizing Drink Red Bull is the best in the world with international standards. Red Bull was first formulated in Thailand in 1962 under the auspices of TC Pharmaceutical. Red Bull is marketed worldwide use the trademark RedBull with international quality and safety standards. Local flavor and aroma tailored to the tastes of Indonesia. Reliable Energy drink Red Bull is winning Indonesian Indonesian Options Customer Satifaction Award for 15 consecutive years. Only Red Bull who was awarded the ICSA since it was first launched. In addition to the Indonesian Customer Satifaction Award, Red Bull won the highest and most prestigious award in the category of energy drinks among the award:
Indonesia Best Brand Award
Top Brand Award
Indonesian Youth Most Favorite Brand
Wow Brand Champion
Social Media Award
Super Brand Award

Energy drinks with pure sugar
Red Bull is the Best Drinks Indonesia using pure sugar with practical packaging so that it can be drunk directly. Definition of energy drinks are beverages that contain one or more ingredients are easily and quickly absorbed by the body to produce energy with or without food additives are permitted, with the total energy requirement of at least 100 kcal / serving (SNI 01-668-2002). Definition of energy drinks by BPOM the drink when taken in reasonable quantities according to the rules to drink per day, it can provide energy not less than 300Kkal (POM Kep. Dirjen Decree No. 02 240 / B / SK / VII / 91), food that can give a minimum energy of 300 kcal per day (from BPOM RI No. HK That is, the beverage powder is not categorized as an energy drink by BPOM as beverage powders contain only 5-8 calories per sachet. Beverage powder also can not be directly drunk and using artificial sweeteners for example aspartame.
Red Bull BPOM registered and qualified for HACCP food safety testing

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